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Jesper Zen 250 forma furniture
Starting Price: $649.00
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Please call us at 877-367-6204 if you have any questions or to place your order directly.

Forma Furniture


Unique, expandable, and wonderfully versatile, Expando bookcases fit into almost any space and any room.  Versatile L-shaped shelving units can be combined in countless ways vertically, horizontally, and in corners.  They also make attractive room dividers.
Sturdy European construction.
Each unit is sold separately.

Available in maple, cherry, espresso and teak finish.

8-10 week lead time unless in stock, call for availability

Manufacturer Information:
Jesper Office is committed to making high quality, flexible, and beautiful furniture for home and office. Founded in 1935 in the little town called Ulfborg in the west of Denmark,it was originally established as the Furniture Factory Hundevad & Co. and was run by skilled Danish cabinet makers with a high attention to quality and traditional woodworking skills. In 1990, the company was changed to Jesper Office as Hundevad merged with Danish Furniture manufacturer, Jesper International. Most recently, Jesper Office underwent a management buyout and in 2008, Jesper Office, LLC was formed. Today these same principles that made Hundevad successful play an important role in production today as Jesper has grown to a highly efficient furniture manufacturer that integrates modern technology with their roots - traditional woodworking skills.